A creative collaboration between artists and our world.


At Loulerie, we believe that great jewellery carries with it great power. 

A simple pair of earrings can elevate your energy. A perfectly placed bracelet can give you confidence when you need it most. A necklace that glimmers in the perfect way, can make you the most memorable person in the room. 

Of course, you are truly magnificent all on your own.

But our pieces are here to give you that reminder when you’ve forgotten. They’re here to hold your hand through life’s milestones. They’re here to connect you to others when you can’t find the words. 

They’re here for you. Made for you. Inspired by you. 



We’re here to celebrate your differences, honour your greatness and raise a toast to your true essence. 

We believe that your jewellery should reflect who you truly are. It should mirror your beauty, magnify your worth and empower you to stride into life with confidence and vigour. That’s why we only work with the best materials, the most passionate designers and suppliers that are kind to the earth that we share. 


 Every piece infused with our values.


Our jewellery is inspired by the real world. Moments that our designers have experienced in their lives, images they hold in their minds and the curves and edges of the landscape and its beauty. When our customers share in this, they add a new, inspired layer to the masterpiece that connects us further. 



We don’t believe in mediocrity. We use only the best materials and believe that we should never settle for less than perfect. It’s often the tiny details in each piece that take us the longest to perfect, but we stand by the fact that these small features contribute to world-changing moments. They’re worth every second. 



An empowered woman is more precious than any fine metal. We want our jewellery to encourage women to feel strong, confident and courageous to be themselves. When we stand tall in our individualism, there truly is nothing we cannot do.



In an ever evolving world, we aim to always be in search of new, exciting and invigorating ways to breathe life into our work and into your world. Loulerie is proud to champion creativity, collaboration and constant growth.



When we choose a piece, you can rest assured it has been carefully and thoughtfully considered. For us, less is more. Why? Because each piece deserves its moment in the light, you only deserve the best and we are never driven by trends. Each piece is hand picked by us, for you.