Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy at Loulerie Ltd trading as Loulerie in accordance with the new GDPR Laws that came into effect May 2018. Please see below for details and feel free to contact us for a copy of the policy at any time email info@loulerie.com

Customer Data

We collect and store customer data( name, telephone number, email and address) at the point of sale in store and when online orders are placed so we can process any returns, credit notes, gift cards, print lost receipts, and provide the best form of customer service for our gift business. A record of all items sold is stored against your customer name where provided to us at the point of sale, the history of all sales relating to your name are stored on our system from the date of your first purchase.

Purchasing a Gift for a customer not present in store at point of sale

When purchasing a gift for a customer we can record the sale against a customer whose details are already in our system, but can not give out any specific personal details relating to the customer receiving the gift only to confirm that the item being purchased is or is not already on the customers file and we will confirm the last 4 digits of the contact number so as to protect the persons information who is receiving the gift but is not is not present to give consent. If a gift is being purchased for a customer not already saved in our system we can record the name of the person receiving the gift and not present to give consent but no personal details, they can do this in person in store at a later date. The purpose of this is to issue a gift receipt and where this gift receipt is lost a record of the sale can still be found if the sale was recorded against a customers name in the system.

We will be asking all clients to sign a consent form in store at the point of sale from now on to confirm they want us to continue to store this data. You can at any time request we delete your customer file, any personal details, please be aware if this is completed in store we will not hold any records of gift accounts or credit notes under your name and can not process any returns without and original receipt.

What circumstances we contact you and how

Loulerie uses the Torox Epos system and Swift Software to process customer data, all software is password protected. This software is used to provide us with relevant customer information when offering promotions, contacting customers about events, informing customers about new collections. If a customer has expressed interest in a certain item, style, or bespoke design and have requested us to contact them relating to the above we may do so via call, email or text message sent via a third party provider Esendex. We store all customer requests in a password protected file. For repairs data is stored in a locked box, on occasion your name and number may appear on a repair docket sent to one of our repair service providers.


Marketing emails are sent with seasonal offers and information about new collections to our Customer list. As per our email sent May 16th 2018 asking for your consent to continue to email you and unsubscribe if you do not wish to continue to receive emails, in this case your email address has been removed from our system, you name and any previous sales information is still stored if you wish this to be deleted too then please write to us Loulerie, 14b Chatham Street, Dublin 2 or email info@loulerie.com.


Loulerie will hold data for the purposes of tax liability, Revenue Audit, management of accounts and dealing with claims but this data is not for the purposes of marketing without specific consent.

Your Rights

Withdraw your consent for your data to be processed.

  • Access the personal data that we are processing personally to you.
  • Ask us to rectify any errors in that data
  • Request for your data to be erased.
  • Lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner who is our independent regulator for data protection.

You can contact us anytime at info@loulerie.com or through our store Loulerie, 14b Chatham Street, Dublin 2.

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