"We want to make jewellery that celebrates the individual"

Hi I’m Louise, and I could not be more pleased to welcome you to Loulerie. I think I’d like to start off by noting just how full of gratitude I am. To have the opportunity to design  pieces that you will carry with you for a lifetime, is an honour I do not take lightly. 

I see how precious each piece is to our customers. I understand the feelings that they bring you and the wider impact they have on your life and I am so grateful to be trusted by you and to hold a place in your world. Every piece I have designed within the Loulerie collection has been designed with you in mind. I am fascinated by the way jewellery falls on the body, how it moves and how you decide to style it. For me, the work is not complete until it is placed on the wearer, and you give it the finishing touch and flare that it needs to shine in all of its glory. 

I want you to understand that our jewellery is not something that you need to feel worthy, beautiful or ‘enough’. But instead, I want our pieces to elevate that which is already within you. I want the perfect earrings to make you walk with your head held a little higher. I want that signature ring to help you lead yourself and others to greatness. I want your necklace to ignite that inner that inner knowing that you’re valued, you’re needed and your voice matters.

When you invest in Loulerie, you’re investing in yourself. Every piece is a work of art, but the greatest masterpiece is you.

When I sit down to design I listen to classical music and draw upon the images, shapes and memories that have sparked some inspiration for me. I’m hugely influenced by the ocean, the beach and the shapes and textures that they hold. I’m influenced by the buzz of the jewellery markets I visited in New York, the designers that sold their pieces at street stalls and the fearless makers that I have had the honour of witnessing at work. Throughout the years I have really grown as a designer and settled into the idea of making without fear, designing without limits and holding real women with real bodies at the heart of the process. I love imagining how a piece will fall across a woman’s collarbone, or how she’ll style it with her favourite scarf.

There are so many layers to the process and what I love most is that the story never ends. It continues with the wearer. Isn’t that just incredible?