The Journey Of Hope Collection.

We are very passionate about female empowerment here at Loulerie, it’s central to why we do what we do. I am honoured to partner with such a wonderful charity as LGFB and help support women in a very challenging time in their lives and launch this Journey of Hope necklace and bracelet. The intertwining circles are inspired by the gorgeous logo of LGFB and represent the personal journey between the individual person and their cancer journey. 

We want to bring some joy and hope with this collaboration so I added the detail of the white enamel and designed it a little smaller then the original Journey necklace so they could be worn together and layered beautifully. We also added the bracelet to the collection, the perfect summer piece. 

We want our jewellery to encourage women to feel strong, confident, and courageous to be themseleves . We stand tall in our individualism, there truly is nothing we cannot do. Proceeds from every single sale of this collection go directly to LGFB. We have raised €‎10,000 so far and hope you can all get behind this to raise even more this year. 

Louise x 

'I’m Annabel O’Keeffe, General Manager, Look Good Feel Better. Look Good Feel Better puts smiles on the faces of women receiving cancer treatment with our free skincare and make up workshops. We work with over 800 women every year. We are a small charity, dependent on our team of volunteers who deliver the programme online and in person across the country. We also rely on our partners to fundraise and donate.


Louise Stokes and Loulerie have been the most incredible fundraising partner for Look Good Feel Better. I met Louise at a gorgeous event called FeelGoodFest by Zestivo when Louise said, “Tell me what you need from us and I will support you in any way you want or need”. So, I thought about it and we met in Bewleys and I explained that we have so many talented and hardworking volunteers who give their time to us and I said I’d love to give them all a present to say thank you, something fabulous just like them. So, every year and sometimes twice a year, Louise gives us gifts for our volunteers. It’s a beautiful gift that I know from the emails I receive is very much appreciated and treasured.

I also asked if she would consider designing a product for us and Louise is an amazing woman, very creative, fun, with depth and she understands the cancer journey very well so she designed a beautiful piece, this has now become the beautiful Journey Collection. All of the proceeds go to our workshops. 


In one way or another I’m sure that everyone in Loulerie has supported Look Good Feel Better, selling, packing and promoting this Journey collection, working hard to help us deliver more workshops. Together, they have raised over €10,000 so far.


There’s a wonderful story behind the design of the collection. The first circle symbolises the person and the other one the journey a person undergoing cancer treatment has, they’re interlinked. It’s so subtle and so beautiful. It represents female empowerment, as do our makeup and skincare workshops. I think it’s a beautiful symbol of hope, empowerment, and strength. The design also relates to our logo, which is just gorgeous.

For us and for the people who come to participate in the workshops, this collection is a lasting reminder of the strength, confidence and beauty of the women participating in the workshops.'

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The Journey of Hope Bracelet
The Journey Of Hope Necklace