International Women's Day

Wishing you all a happy International Women's Day. 

Let's take this opportunity to cherish the remarkable women who shape our world, uplift each other, and inspire greatness. 

This year for International Women’s Day we have run a fantastic campaign building on what we did last year where we did a spotlight to showcase other jewellery designers. We expanded on this idea and hosted a competition to showcase a designer in store for the month of March. It was an incredible experience, having Caoimhe Dé Fréin in store and shining the light on someone else’s business. Seeing that turn into real orders was amazing, we sold three of her pieces the very next day. 

Read more on Caoimhe's incredible story here.

We really believe that International Women’s Day is more than just one day. Female empowerment is one of our central brand values. As a female entrepreneur and business owner of an all female team I feel that the work and the support should start with the team first. So for this International Women’s Day we brought Elizabeth Whelan from Zestivo in house and we did a morning of wellness in our Loulerie HQ. The team left feeling so content so empowered and with renewed passion. 

Loulerie is 17 years in business this year. Our journey wouldn't be as remarkable without the incredible team we have. I feel so grateful for them believing in my vision. I want to extend a massive thank you to the designers that we stock and most importantly, the customers and clients that have supported us along the way and continue to shop with us year on year.

Without you we simply wouldn’t be here. 

-Louise x