International Women's Day Feature

March is a special month for celebrating female empowerment, a value close to our hearts at Loulerie. 

In honour of International Women's Day approaching, we opened our platform to female owned Irish small jewellery and accessory businesses with the opportunity to showcase their pieces in our Chatham Street Store for the month of March. 

We are thrilled to introduce our winner Caoimhe De Fréin, founder and designer of 'DEFRÉIN'. DEFRÉIN is built on: Sustainabilty; female-led; and giving back.

Caoimhe launched her business in September 2021.

'I was 13 weeks pregnant and on the cusp of changing job. I had a goal on my vision board telling me to launch a craft business this year, so it was September 2021 now or never'.

DEFRÉIN launched with three collections, each dedicated to the female who inspired it.

There is 'LUA', named after Caoimhe's primary school teacher who taught her how to do macrame, 'AINNIR', named after her niece which translates to 'beautiful vision', and then finally 'PHIL', named after Caoimhe's mother who bought her crochet hook in the 70s in Paris which Caoimhe is still using to create her incredible pieces today.

Caoimhe uses recycled cotton and packaging for all of her designs, sustainability being a core value that we both share.

Don't miss the opportunityvto stop by our Chatham Street store to view Caoimhe's incredible pieces for the entire month of March.

Shop Caoimhe's products online here