International Women's Day

An empowered woman is more precious than any fine metal. We want our jewellery to encourage women to feel strong, confident and courageous to be themselves. When we stand tall in our individualism, there truly is nothing we cannot do. 

Female empowerment is absolutely central to everything we do as a brand. We have been so lucky to have had so many amazing female mentors help us in our journey and we really feel passionate that we have to pass that on.We have a gorgeous community here at Loulerie and we wanted to open our platform to other females in business. 

For 'International Women's Day' we asked our followers to send us a DM with their business, if they have a product they are pushing or if they have a new and upcoming brand. We will dedicate the whole day on our Instagram grid and stories to shine a light on these female owned businesses.  We just get so excited when we see new female entrepreneurs and we believe that women should be supporting always.

It’s our way of doing international women’s day here at Loulerie.  

See our Instagram page for more wonderful women in business.

-Louise x