Louise's Take On A Capsule Wardrobe

I learned at an early age the value of investment buying as my mom had great style and always taught me about having one great coat or great shoes that stood the test of time.

I did go through my experimental phase in college, skirts over trousers was a big one for me then. When I moved to New York I had my fast fashion phase as I had never seen so many high street and massive stores. I remember in particular, one horrendous purple dress I got for my birthday that was such bad quality it literally fell apart after one wear, so this phase didn't last long!

I then found the designers that I loved and even if I couldn't afford them I was totally influenced by their aesthetic and idea of less is more like Philiiip lim, whose pieces I used to buy on sale and have for years. I still have a Diane Von Furstenburg coat from my time in NY, it's a neutral shade so still goes with everything to this day. Neutrals and monochrome really work for me so I began to start buying pieces that would all work together, it made dressing in the morning so much easier for me.

A capsule wardrobe for me is investing in the pieces you wear day in day out and then adding to those over the years to give your look a fresh take. It's also so important to have good quality basics as they last longer and don't lose their shape and fit. White t-shirts for me are so easy to style with jeans for the weekend or under a blazer. I adore cashmere sweaters and find I wear them all winter long and layer them over my shirts and dresses when I need extra warmth on summer trips. 

A good tailored coat and blazer can pull any look together. These are pieces I am constantly on the look out for all year round and have often picked up a fabulous blazer in summer that I keep and wear in colder months. I now think really long and hard about what I am buying, what's missing in my wardrobe? what piece can I get that would go with styles I already have? These are the questions I ask myself. I am less influenced by what's in or what's on trend and more interested in finding pieces that make me feel great when wearing them. My style is quite simple and minimal and when I want to add a pop of colour or a little fun to my outfits that's the perfect time to change up my look by adding a fun earring or chunky necklace.

Capsule wardrobe buying is like building blocks. Once you have the foundation pieces, blazer, jeans, dress and boots, each can be worn on their own or layered up to create multiple looks from a few key pieces. 

Happy shopping,

 Louise x