Every Piece, Inspired By Our Values.

At Loulerie Jewellery, we believe that our craft is much more than an accessory or a simple gift for a friend. It’s artistry. It’s meaningful moments. It’s a statement to the world and holds great power.

From the moment Louise Stokes started the Loulerie brand, there’s been a drive and a focus to remain true to our values and champion the things we care about. Why? Because we want you to know that every piece we offer to the world has been thoughtfully created. We want you to know that your heart and soul are at the heart of our work. We want you to know that you’re supporting a brand that supports you back, and has your joy, your beauty and your life at the heart of it. We thought we’d spend some time today talking about our values. What they are and why they matter. From the moment an idea is conceived to the day the piece is lovingly placed on the wearer, these values are present. 


When we say connection, we really mean it in all senses of the world. When Louise starts the design process, she often first connects with the world around her. The ocean, the beach, the landscape. The buzz of the city, the jewellery from small, antique shops or the jingle of bracelets on a Parisian woman’s wrist. Loulerie Jewellery is born from the connection we have to our world, and we firmly believe in keeping that alive throughout the entire process. As well as this, we absolutely love connecting with our customers. Learning their stories, styling their looks and being a part of their world for years to come is something we do not take lightly and truly treasure, every single day. For us, to connect is to be alive and our jewellery is an example of this. 


 It’s easy for us to say that we value quality. But for us, it’s a little more than high quality metals, diamonds and packaging. We want perfection to run through every facet of the Loulerie experience and that’s why we dwell on quality so much. We want every design to be crafted with your real-life events in mind. We watch how our jewellery moves on  the body, how it glistens in the light and how it remains timeless year after year. When we welcome you to our store, we work to give you a relaxed, luxurious and memorable experience and we value your input, your ideas and your suggestions. Real quality runs much more deeply than the physical piece. It’s an experience, a state of mind and a standard that we will always be striving for. 


With a full team of incredible women behind the Loulerie brand, we are proud to advocate for the empowerment, equality and celebration of women everywhere. Something truly special happens when women come together in a creative space, and we’re truly excited about the ideas that this generates. Our team are of varying ages, have totally diverse life experiences and share a passion for creating unforgettable moments for every person that shares in the Loulerie experience. When a team of ambitious women are working hard to champion other women, the possibilities have no bounds.


With true creativity, comes great bravery. At Loulerie, we’re not afraid to take risks. We’re not afraid to stand out from the norm, to try things out and to mould, shape and twist our creations until they’re truly perfected. By deeply valuing creativity, we’re leaning into innovative methods, unique pieces and a collection that speaks to women of all ages, styles and stages in life. Creativity for us is not just about trying things out, but also about daring to push the boundaries, rejecting the expectations set for our field and creating something new, again and again. Our jewellery speaks to the creativity in every wearer and we’ll always continue to find new ways to grow. 


We’d like you to see our collections like a carefully and thoughtfully curated museum. Every piece is important, every piece unique and every piece has been chosen with your experience in mind. When collaborating with other designers and brands, the process is much more considerate than you might realise. We research the brand’s values, their history, the experience of each designer and the intricacies and details of every piece. The designers and brands we stock are highly respected and lovingly chosen by Lousie and the team, because for us, less is more. Each piece deserves our full attention and each piece is more than special.  At the core of the Loulerie Jewellery brand, you are the muse. You’re the reason we care so deeply about every clasp and every link. You’re the inspiration behind the curve of every earring and the glisten of every diamond. You’re the past, the present and the future of our art and you’re front and centre at every stage of the jewellery design process. When we see you wearing our pieces, we feel honoured and our only hope is that you understand that you’re an incredibly valued role in our world. 

Thank you so much for being Loulerie’s reason, every day.

 Here for you, made for you, inspired by you.