Loulerie Diamond Dragonfly Necklace


The Dragonfly has been one of my most loved creatures for many years. I was told they
mean new beginnings something which I think is an important message to embody as we live in a constantly changing world.

Dragonflies are the strongest flyers in the insect world. I am totally captivated by their
wings, how something so delicate, almost opaque in texture can be so powerful. I have not expanded on this design for some time until I was I was sitting by a pond in Mallorca earlier this year and two dragonflies wings became entangled right beside me.

It was impossible not to notice their unique beauty and I took this as a sign to focus on the wing alone and capture its true beauty.

  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 28White Diamonds
  • .138ct
  • Chain length: Adjustable 16-18”
  • Charm size: 1.2cm length, 2cm width

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