About Gorjana

Gorjana is a brand that has become a firm favourite of the Loulerie customer. Louise found this brand on a buying trip in New York and it was an instant hit. We love the laid back LA style of the collections. 

From the beginning, Gorjana and Jason Griffin Reidel were a driven and passionate duo who combined their individual strengths to build their company from the ground up. During their first year, the couple hit the road with samples in tow and drove a collective 50,000 miles to sell the first collection. They fulfilled Initial orders from their apartment floor, and worked the national trade show circuit as a team of two.

The Gorjana collection is all about fusing the West Coast boho inspiration with the sophistication that resonates with East Coast trends. All of the Gorjana jewellery that Loulerie stock is an 18k gold plating or sterling silver.