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Linden Diffuser


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Bougie Perfumée Made in Grasse France.

The Linden combines Sandalwood and Cardamon with notes of Violet and Iris which crackle in the formula.

Added to this smoking wood alloy(Australian sandalwood,
cedarwood) are some spicy musky notes giving this perfume its signature captivating
and comforting scent.

Diffuser container is the perfect mini vase for
your favourite flower, once the oil is gone and can be re used again in the home.

  • - 15% of pure scented oil + 2 % of water + the remainder is alcohol.
  • - The alcohol is used as a solvent. When it evaporates, it takes with it the scented oil in the air for a better diffusion of the smell.
  • - 100ml 
  • - Occasionally turn the sticks upside down to distribute the scent
  • - Avoid contact with skin and clothing
  • - Rattan wood sticks 
Both our candle and diffuser are registered on the Echa portal and posses their UFI numbers. The Safety Data Sheet is on hand should you require any further information. 
  • As per 2.2 on the SDS the diffuser is for intended room scent use only.
  • Warning label is attached to the bottom of the container.
  • Warning not to he ingested, contact with skin or near an open flame or in contact with aquatic life.
  •  In the case of any of the above the skin- wash immediately with water, eyes- abundant rinsing with water and if swallowed rinse mouth with water. 

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