Loulerie Diamond Affinity Ring


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'A natural liking for and understanding of someone and something'
This idea of affinity is what inspired these pieces, a natural draw to something that you can’t quite explain but feels so right. Sometimes in the design process  it can be too contrived sitting down to design something with very set ideas and boundaries. 
This collection actually came to me just from playing with designs in my sketch book and I had a natural affinity to them. I was drawn firstly to the concept of two diamonds. I love that they can represent yourself and your relationship to your inner self and I was drawn to the contrasting shapes. 
Again, inexplicably, I have a natural affinity for round and pear shape diamonds I can't explain why. This collection came straight from my pure affinity to pieces I love, not anything I can explain, just something that felt right and naturally drew me to the pieces. 
I think in the world we live in with so much uncertainty, information facing us every day from every direction, tuning into yourself and listening to your inner voice for guidance and understanding is what’s really important.
I hope these pieces speak to you the same way and act as a reminder when worn to tap into your inner self and trust your gut. 
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 2 White diamonds
  • Round diamond: 4x4mm, .16ct
  • Pear diamond: 5x3mm, .24ct
  • Diamonds G/H colour, VS2/SI clarity

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