Loulerie Moon and Star Diamond Necklace


For the people in our lives that light up the night sky. 

Truly special jewellery holds great sentimental value and storytelling at its core. This necklace is inspired by a special piece in Louise’s own collection. 

Louise was gifted a moon and star necklace by her parents when she first opened Loulerie and she wears it in honouring the birth of both her children.Though truly sentimental to us here at Loulerie, we love to hear what this piece brings to your world and the sentiment it holds for you.

The charms are set in 14k gold with 0.027cts diamonds on a fine Japanese sourced chain that's 16’’ in length. The moon and star charms are 4mm in height and the bale at the top is 3mm in height and 2.5mm in width. They are designed to sit on top of each other and will move around when worn.


Product description:

  • 14k solid gold
  • 0.027cts diamonds
  • 16" Japanese chain length
  • Moon & Star charms 4mm in height
  • Bale height 3mm 
  • Charms are 2.5mm width


At Loulerie, we understand the value and importance of your precious jewellery pieces. That's why all items priced over 600 euros are insured with our shipping partners, ensuring your peace of mind during transit. 

If you wish to explore a particular piece up close, simply contact us, and we'll be delighted to arrange a viewing at our shop located on Chatham Street. Your satisfaction and confidence in your jewellery purchase are our top priorities, and we're committed to providing you with the finest service every step of the way.

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