Loulerie Diamond Droplet Threader


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Our diamond droplet necklace has been a signature Loulerie piece for many years and
inspired the design of these earrings. The movement of the diamond at the end of the light chain is beautiful, the subtle sparkle reminds me of tiny droplets of water from the spray on waves crashing in the ocean.

I love to style this threader with the martini chain earrings for a gorgeous mix of delicate chain drop earrings, or it can be worn on its own as a beautiful minimal everyday piece. The diamond droplet has a fine gold bezel setting giving it a lightweight feel on the chain threader earring.

There is a small bar that keeps the earring in place with the diamond at the front and the plain bar at the back which is used to thread throw the ear to secure it in place. Threaders are a light earring with no closure, so care is advised when wearing. We advise to remove when sleeping and exercising and to be careful when taking on and off heave clothing. 

Front diamond hangs shorter than back. 

  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 0.06ct 
  • Diamond size: 2.8mm
  • Depth of diamond in the bezel: 1.6mm
  • Diamond weight: .868g 
  • Gold weight: .880g
  • Gold arc that holds the earring in place in the ear: 10mm in height
  • Gold solid bar that hangs at back: 10mm in length 
  • Chain that hangs from the gold: 10mm in length
  • Overall length of back part: 3cm
  • Overall length of front part: 2cm

At Loulerie, we understand the value and importance of your precious jewellery pieces. That's why all items priced over 600 euros are insured with our shipping partners, ensuring your peace of mind during transit. 

If you wish to explore a particular piece up close, simply contact us, and we'll be delighted to arrange a viewing at our shop located on Chatham Street. Your satisfaction and confidence in your jewellery purchase are our top priorities, and we're committed to providing you with the finest service every step of the way.

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