Postcards From Rome

Our new collection, "Postcards from Rome," is a heartfelt homage to the everyday elegance captured in vintage Italian postcards.

Creating this collection was a delightful adventure into a new design direction for Loulerie. Embracing a more statement-making style, I infused each piece with a blend of classic vintage aesthetics and the distinct Loulerie touch.

These beautiful images of women, effortlessly stylish in their daily lives, sparked a journey of creativity and inspiration for me. I was drawn to the timeless glamour these women exuded, whether they were buying bread, sipping coffee, or strolling through Rome's charming streets.

Every earring in this collection reflects my passion for meticulous craftsmanship, from the intricate detailing to the precise placement of the post on the earlobe.

Much of my design process involves focusing on the tiny, often unseen details that make a piece truly special. I dedicate considerable time to perfecting the finish, ensuring each earring not only looks beautiful but feels comfortable to wear.

Personally test-wearing all design samples allows me to experience their comfort and versatility firsthand, ensuring they make you feel as fabulous as they look.

The collection had a serendipitous full-circle moment when I wore these earrings to a dear friend's birthday celebration in a stunning piazza in Rome. Seeing the earrings in such a magnificent setting, where the inspiration for "Postcards from Rome" came to life, was a magical experience.

Explore the "Postcards from Rome" collection and discover pieces that are not just accessories, but a celebration of timeless elegance and everyday glamour, brought to life with the Loulerie touch.

- Louise x