About Vanessa Baroni

After the long months of lockdown and restricted travel, it was a breath of fresh air to get back on the plane to Paris to meet and visit new designers again. This collection stood out so much to Louise and Tonya as it’s something a little different and interesting to offer our clients.

After a design course in Milan in the summer of 2009, Vanessa Baroni discovered her passion for jewelery and decided to found her own jewelery brand VANESSA BARONI.

After 2 very long years of no buying trips and no travel, Team Loulerie were absolutely thrilled to be travelling back to Paris. 

 Louise and Tonya love nothing better then hitting the shows and appointments straight off the plane.

When they saw the chunky pieces of Vanessa baroni all laid out in the most delicious candy colours we stopped in our tracks to take a look. After chatting to Vanessa herself, and learning her background working in fashion, she had exactly what we are looking for in Loulerie jewellery from a fashion perspective.