Zoe & Morgan

Zoe & Morgan Ayllu Bracelet


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The Ayllu Bracelet isn't just an accessory; it symbolises the essence of community and unity cherished in Quechua and Aymara traditions. Much like the interconnected web of families in an ayllu, it effortlessly enhances your personal ensemble, enabling you to showcase your individual style.

Infused with the vibrant essence of Chrome Diopside, this bracelet serves as a grounding force, guiding you on your path and prompting you to stay aligned with your purpose with each stride you take.


  • 22k Gold Plating
  • Stone: Chrome Diopside
  • Measurements: 16cm with 2cm extension, total length 18cm.
    Pendant: Length - 0.9cm, width - 1.4cm.
    Pendant: Length - 1cm, width - 1cm. 

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