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 Having spent many years working alongside some of the world’s leading jewellery designers, Louise Stokes embarked on her own fine jewellery collection. Artfully combining her fashion aesthetic with world class craftsmanship, she creates special pieces that generations of women will wear and adore. Her line appeals to the modern woman with a passion for a beautifully distinct aesthetic, underpinned by timeless, unapologetic femininity. While international in her vision, Louise feels strongly about incorporating local talent where possible. Tapping into an emergence of young Irish craftspeople, she works with the most talented professionals to create her 9k gold discs. “It was really important to me that where possible my pieces were made in Ireland, as I believe it’s important to support local trade. We use a combination of 3D printing as well as older styles of casting and my signature matte finish is all done by hand. It’s a very specialized technique, which can only be carried out by a talented team of goldsmiths. I love the idea that each piece has been passed through so many incredibly talented hands before it is finally ready to be sold.” For other collections involving gemstones, Louise enlists the talent of overseas experts to carry out specialized work. By pushing design innovation, while simultaneously respecting traditional craftsmanship, Louise creates directional jewellery of longevity and sentiment. “I love seeing my clients mixing a piece I designed with their existing jewellery. My work then becomes a part of their story and that’s such an honor for me.”

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