Winter skincare routine

Firstly, I have always looked after my skin, it’s something my Mom taught me from a young age. I’m definitely not a beauty junkie, I tend to use the same brands of makeup and Noelle McCrory does my makeup for shoots and events, but skin care is something I definitely believe in investing in.

If I could tell my younger self something it would be “wear sunscreen all the time.” I lived in New York for years and definitely wish I had taken better care of my skin in the really hot summers. One facial I do recommend if you are in NY is the triple oxygen facial in Bliss Soho, you can buy it in an at home pack from Harvey Nichols and it’s really good too.

However, after having 2 kids my skin really changed and I got a lot of bad pigmentation and I really didn’t know what to do. My good friend Ingrid Hoey recommended the amazing genius that is Peggy Stringer in The Laser Clinic Monkstown and I have been going to her ever since. My Mom also swears by Peggy and she’s a total beauty lover. Just take one look at Peggy’s amazing skin and you will be in awe!