Welcoming you all back to Chatham street and a new venture in our new HQ...

Well I don’t know where to start with the last 3 months it’s been a whirl wind lots of ups and downs and definitely one of the most challenging times for me personally( I will never make a teacher I salute you all and your unending patience, ordinal numbers and senior infants Irish nearly put me over the edge) as well as the business, as it was for so many people.
I made the decision to move online from the shop to my home when lockdown was announced and am so thankful to everyone who placed orders and supported us through this time it was really amazing to see the orders coming in and to be still able to mark special occasions for people during these tough times. It’s quite amazing looking back how it all worked, Tonya printing DHL labels me packing orders, and both of us doing door step deliveries where we could. I can not thank my team enough for all they did it certainly was a team effort and would not have worked out unless everyone was super flexible and worked so hard some days up at night packing making sure orders got out on time. Also Paul our lovely DHL driver who was so helpful as we adapted to the new normal he’s a true legend and his kindness to my children we will never forget. Let’s just say Sebastian had a DHL birthday cake in homage to Paul.
I’m excited to be re opening July 1st and welcoming you all to Chatham street which always feels like our home amongst such lovely neighbours and other small business owners I love the hustle and bustle of town and chats in the morning over coffee as we open our shutters. We didn’t rush to re open as the team have worked tirelessly from home and also many of us have children doing home school including me so I made the decision not to put us under extra pressure until we were ready and it was safe for us to re open and welcome people back. We have made some changes to the store to create some extra space so you all feel comfortable calling in and seeing the beautiful jewellery. The experience and time you spend in the store should always feel special and not rushed so we will start out with appointments only as we feel this will give our clients the one on one attention and time they deserve. We really thank you so much for bearing with us during this re opening.
It’s also time for us to take the next step in our Loulerie journey and move our online business out of my bedroom and all over my home to a new beautiful space in the leafy area of Dublin 4 nestled beside the canal where we can continue to fulfill your online orders. One thing I have really realised over the past few months is how important innovation and creativity are to all business and especially to me. Although shooting at home on my own was a challenge as I miss the creative process working with the team. I loved showing the behind the scenes of what goes into the day to day running of our little brand and we had great reaction to this as I know for me it’s all about the people and the story . We will now have a beautiful space to create more content, shoot more jewellery and create exciting new events and features for our online business.
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