The Story Behind Autumn Winter 2019

Loulerie Fine Jewellery Autumn Winter 2019

I don’t tend to think of my jewellery collections as seasonal that somehow promotes the idea that they are transient and not forever. I create pieces that I myself want to invest in and am missing in my collection so a few years back I added the perfect gold bangle, last year was all about the wave hoops I wear all the time. Since spring I have been thinking about the meaning of jewellery what it means to me and more importantly what it means to you our lovely Loulerie customers and why some pieces are so special and sentimental over others. When I first decided to make the move back home to Dublin from New York and open my store my parents gifted me a tiny diamond star and moon pendant which I wore when I had both my children and as I look back I notice it clearly in all my pictures linking all the memories together.

One of the images I was drawn to this season on my moodboard was a picture of Clare Waight Keller in one of her own designs for Givenchy ( all monochrome my favourite) I like to picture real women in their day to day lives wearing my pieces. How a piece hangs on the neckline or the ear, how it feels when worn are so important to me and central to my design process. I pay attention to women I pass in the street, on the plane and on holiday what they wear and how they style their jewellery.



I focused on lightening bolts, moons and one of my favourite new styles the champagne sun burst pendant each piece can be added to an earring or necklace and sold individually so that you can create your own individual look. You can collect the charms over time and hopefully create the same happy memories that I have when I wear my moon and star necklace. I spend many months developing the pieces, for me the elegance is in what you don’t see and that takes a lot of patience and time. I am so lucky to have an extremely experienced gemologist oversee all our production and every tiny detail that I obsess over for months. This season you will find me in my go to cashmere sweater this time in sandy cream worn with light wash jeans, my Anine Bing boots and lots of layers of the new moon and sunburst necklaces. How you style the pieces is totally up to you.




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