Meet our WFH Team

A note from Louise:
I would like to say a massive thank you to all our amazing customers who have continued to buy online from us supporting us through this very challenging time. It has been a lifeline and on behalf of myself and the Loulerie team I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 

Whats changed:

We have adapted to the current situation very quickly and I would like to thank my team for being so flexible as without them our online business would not have continued. We closed our doors on March 15th to protect our staff and customers, we did operate click and collect but when the new restrictions came out we moved our business out of the retail store. I take care of the orders at home, Tonya takes care of the DHL and customers, Mary manages the customer service and adding more images to online, Niamh the social and news letters and online improvements and Lily the accounts, our lovely part time girls are at home and we look forward to welcoming them back.

I now focus solely on online and we have taken this time to make improvements on our website we have been meaning to do for ages. We have weekly zoom calls and chat during the day and check in on how everyone is doing on the different jobs.

A few take aways I have from this new normal is how productive you can be when you really focus on only a few things that are essential. I am also now really thinking about how we use technology to communicate more for the team going forward a lot of time can be wasted commuting for non essential meetings especially when families and other commitments come in to play, so I’m really going to be a lot more strict with my time going forward as sometimes you can let yourself be pulled in so many directions you don’t actually achieve anything.

One thing I’m really enjoying is the creative side of business having the collections so close to me and shooting them in new ways definitely is a part of my business I love. Like everyone the juggle is real with kids and home school but all I’m doing is my best and I’m very grateful for my family and team being safe and well. I have always loved living beside the sea and now more then ever I appreciate it so so much it really helps me feel calm when I take a well needed stroll down in the afternoons with the kids.

I’m very proud of our country and hugely grateful for all the front line and healthcare workers for all they are doing to keep us safe.


'"My average day working at home from my kitchen table. Looking after online orders, shop orders and emails in between making constant meals for the kids and emptying the dishwasher! I am lucky to live on the coast so i take full advantage of it on my lunch break within my 2k "


"I start my day by checking if we received any inquiries from our customers, and try to help them in any way I can. As we have been working on our website, I update product images. I also send our customers any shots of  our products styled, to get an idea of sizing and hopefully some styling ideas. To remind me of home in France, I've been perfecting my cuisine skills and taking lots of walks within my 2K radius"


""I take care of Loulerie's social media and behind the scenes of our website.Day to day involves creating content and coming up with new innovative ways to show you our new pieces and hopefully offer our customers a brief distraction. To stay sane plenty of face masks have been used and fresh air". I also love to pop on a different pair of earrings everyday to feel a little bit more "normal!"


"I take care of Loulerie's accounts, working from home has had it's pros and cons.When it is time for reporting and reconciliations it is good to be alone with no interruptions or jewelry distractions! Our teams communication is excellent, we do video meetings to check in on each other and work together.I miss the daily interaction with the team, but we are doing our best to help our customers hopefully add some sparkle to their days and continue providing consistent customer service.To stay sane I've been running and always take my Loulerie star huggys for the trip!"

So stay safe, stay home, wash your hands and take one day at a time it’s all you can do. We will see you in store on the other side.

Louise x

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