Louise Stokes founded her fine jewellery collection on the idea that jewellery should not be kept in a vault, but rather, worn daily in a celebration of craftsmanship, beauty and style.
This season sees the introduction of enamel, a porcelain powder set within the gold and diamonds, adding colour and contrasting texture for dreamlike pieces which are as powerful as they are pretty. “I wear a lot of neutrals so I added a cream colour to offer a hint of brightness when wearing a lot of dark clothes. I also included a deep rich midnight navy, which suits every skin tone and looks great styled over a simple T-shirt or a cosy cashmere knit. It’s been our signature brand colour for many years and never dates.”


White sapphires have also been a source of inspiration for this collection. “When I saw them I immediately fell in love. I’m a big fan of angular and square-shaped stones so we used the enamel and gold border to create a rich contrast.” Geometric motifs pair perfectly with the bold enamel offering the wearer something truly unique. Impeccably crafted, this collection also features a scattering of moon and star emblems, immediately recognisable per Loulerie’s signature motifs. Style the drop diamond 14k gold earrings with one of the designer's complementary celestial necklaces for a custom curation that elegantly captures the dazzling beauty and bursting vibrance of the solar system. There’s also a new wave ring, which builds on existing collections and is one of the designer’s personal favourite in the new collection. Elsewhere, a new droplet band ring was inspired by the beach at Brittas Bay, with tiny diamonds set in 14k gold in an organic pattern to mimic the organic pattern of the waves on the shore.



For Louise, attention to detail is paramount and you can see this in everything from the fine goldsmith detailing to the gleaming gemstones featured throughout this dazzling new collection.
“Finishing a collection in the middle of a global pandemic definitely impacted how I edited the pieces. It’s always important as a designer to be aware of what’s going on in the world around us. I design for real people with real lives so what’s going on in their lives is important to me.”
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