Don't buy what you won't wear!

Ever bought something in the sales still sitting in your wardrobe never worn because it's just not you? Us too. What seemed like a steal at the time is now just extra clutter in your home.

We have not focused much on discounted sales over the years in Loulerie, we've focused our buy on more core pieces that are not seasonal, its all about being more considerate with our edit. We ourselves want everything in our wardrobe to work for us all the time, a few key pieces we love and are easy to style.

That's where jewellery becomes powerful. It is that one accessory that has the power to transform an outfit in an instant, whether taking you from day to night by changing earrings or elevating your everyday look with your favourite necklace. We have just restocked some of our core Loulerie Fashion Collection pieces,  the element hoops,triple star necklace and crystal huggies, the perfect timeless styles you will wear again and again. Everyone deserves a little treat in January, a gift from me to me. 

We have all heard the phrase capsule wardrobe. Like it or loathe it the concept is simple, invest in basics. Invest in the pieces you wear everyday and make you feel great instead of that one pair of shoes you only take out twice a year.I have bought cheaper alternatives to my core basics over the years and they end up shrinking, not lasting when washing or the fabric just felt nasty on the skin. I bought one dress I called the chicken wire dress it was so scratchy on the skin, such a waste.

There really is nothing like putting on your favourites from your wardrobe. For me it's my white t-shirt, it's one of my go to staple pieces. I often buy multiples of my favourite basics, the same styles in different colours. If it works, it works well. Some of my favourites for gorgeous quality basics are and ,and they are sustainable Irish businesses, an added bonus.

The principles of building a capsule wardrobe are the same when it comes to thinking about your jewellery. What do you wear most? If you base your purchases around these core pieces you will build a jewellery collection that you will get great wear out of and treasure forever.

I design the Loulerie fashion Collection the same way I design the Loulerie Fine Jewllery Collection. I start at the start, what is the best simple hoop we can do?, what is the perfect huggy?, what is the perfect delicate gold necklace I can layer over my knitwear? I labour over getting these tiny details just right for many months.

It's January so we all need a little sparkle and pleasure in our day to day routine. I know for me after I get dressed and do my make up, that final touch that elevates my look and makes me feel a little more special is adding my favourite gold hoops for some extra warmth against my face on these dark winter mornings.

Hope you enjoy shopping our favourite Loulerie Fashion pieces.

Happy New Year,

Louise x