Fine Jewellery from a Fashion Perspective

Every piece that is added to the Loulerie Fine Jewellery collection is considered very carefully, only the pieces we know our clients will love and will covet for years to come get the final approval.
 I approach designing collections as if I was building a capsule wardrobe. The focus is on longevity and investment pieces that can be styled many ways. 


When designing a new piece, I often refer to the favourites in the collection and use them as inspiration, almost like building blocks for expanding my ideas. 

If a client already has diamond huggy earrings she loves to wear all the time, let me add a new version with a little edge so she can style her beloved earrings with something new that will work well styled together or worn on their own. It's like layering clothes if you invest in key pieces that you love. They can be worn all year round, simply add or remove layers, same with your favourite jewellery.

Loulerie Fine Jewellery combines my two biggest loves, fashion and jewellery.